T.S. Eliot

The sky when it snows is absolutely perfect. It can be 1 o’clock in the morning and bright outside. The silence of everything when it snows is beautiful. You can barely hear a sound when the snow covers everything. Just watching the snow fall and stick to the ground is beautiful. Yeah I guess it sucks that it’s cold and you have to shovel it out, but coming in from the cold and putting on warm clothes, sitting in the heat, and drinking hot chocolate is so relaxing. I miss the snow so much.


Rainy Day Porcelain Coffee / Tea Cup

Enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee on your next rainy day with a cup to match the weather. Includes saucer and cup, both crafted out of porcelain. Sold on Etsy.

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WWAT Colombia 25/04

New York, New York by Lu Green on Flickr.