People who say “happy eid mubarak”… What kinda chai tea teas??

summer hiatus ☆

not really for any particular reason - i guess i just don’t want to spend too much of my summer on here, except maybe to lurk around when i’m bored :’) i’ll be back around late august/september!

in the meantime, you can hmu on twitter, insta, etc - or just use my tumblr inbox if you need to reach me


"Just get in the car, Alice. I’ll explain on the way."


Seated Dancer with Her Hand at the Nape of Her Neck (1874) Edgar Degas


How is Kim truly my friend in this game? Making me pay to take the buses and planes everywhere, I’m shaking trees and touching pigeons for some extra $$, only contacts me to promote damn ““‘Kardash”“” when I got my own store to take care of but never want to waste my energy in??? She is so fake at least Willow Pape is upfront and REAL smh


i cant believe there was a time in my life where i hated the color pink. it just feels unreal to me. i dont feel a connection to how i was in the past

The makeup at Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2014

but i love, love stories. in fact, mujhe har cheez se pyaar hai. yeh phool, yeh mausam, baarish, yeh colors…pink! romance, romantic films, in hi films ki sets main bana ti hoon. art director hoon. i love my job! yeh filmy duniya, dramatic kahaaniyan, aur sab se zyaada, love stories. jin mein heroine slow motion mein palat ke dekhti hain, jab hero usse gaa kar pukarti hain.